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Our CEO Bill Owens recently participated in the iLab Mentor Blaze event at the University of Queensland. Bill was one of the mentors giving one-on-one business advice to entrepreneurs and startup founders from the local area. Mentor Blaze is a two-hour event split into six 20-minute time slots. Mentees pick a few mentors they would like to meet, and then the knowledge sharing commences!

Mentor Blaze is run by iLab, based at the University of Queensland, and has 600 mentor sessions in 8veracity ilab mentor bill owens locations around Queensland. iLab was established by the Queensland Government in 2000 originally as a business incubator to support early stage, high-tech companies through the first few years of development and has since become a project run by UQ. Since its opening in 2000, iLab has kick-started over 140 start-up companies and helped them raise over $80 million in grants and investment to fund their growth. This has generated over 800 jobs in the technology sector.

mentor labVeracity is very supportive of our local community, especially university students who we often support through our internship program. If you’d like to take your business to the next level through digital transformation, IT platform strategy and innovation, get in touch with our experienced team on 1300 850 172 or email


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