Prof. Brian Cox at Microsoft Summit in Sydney 2017

Our CEO Bill Owens and I attended the inaugural Microsoft Summit in Sydney this week. Microsoft Summit 2017 took place from 14-17 November at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour. It was designed to deliver the skills, solutions and connections for individuals and businesses to engage, adapt and grow in the digital age.

For us, as a Microsoft partner, it was two action-packed days where we heard from local IT industry heavyweights like CSIRO board chair and former Telstra CEO David Thodey, renowned physicist  Professor Brian Cox, and key Microsoft leaders including Managing Director Australia, Steven Worrall and  Corporate VP Industry, Toni Townes-Whitley. We learned about Microsoft’s new culture, research and products and strengthened our relationship with Microsoft’s product teams and local leaders. Fostering our relationship with Microsoft ensures that we have access to the best products and support to pass on to our customers, and means that we know about and can prepare for new products in the pipeline.

We will dive deeper into our learnings in the coming weeks (stay tuned for more articles). In the meantime, here are a few key takeaways from the conference:

Building Modern Workplaces

Building a truly modern workplace requires an end-to-end view of your workplace. This includes culture and space as well as technology. Culture, space and technology are parts of workplaces that have traditionally been siloed, and focused on individually. To build a modern workplace, culture, space and technology need to be considered together. You need a great space to enable effective use of technology, and to use collaborative technology well you need a great culture.

Huge Investment in Research & Development

Microsoft clearly communicated their dedication to improving our technology, not only for business but for the world. We learned that Microsoft invests about six billion dollars each year in research and development, which includes research into quantum computing right here in Australia in partnership with Sydney University.

End-to-end Security

Microsoft 365 for business was released on 1st November. We saw it’s features first hand at Summit. Microsoft 365 expands on Office 365 to also offer Windows licensing and end-to-end security and control of business data across mobile devices and PCs. This will be a game changer for security-conscious organisations, and we can help you implement it right now.

We had a huge two days in Sydney representing Veracity Technology and our clients to the wider Microsoft community. Keep an eye out for more articles expanding on our learnings from the conference. Get in touch with our team on 1300 850 172 or email to learn how we can implement Microsoft’s security, productivity and collaborations tools in your organisation.


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