microsoft inspire conference brisbaneVeracity attended the Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference in Washington DC in July this year. You can watch our video recap of day 1 here:

During the first keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about a computing paradigm shift to Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge. The ‘edge’ consists of all connected sensors and devices which produce data, while Microsoft aims to have its cloud offerings at the centre of a user’s every computer-related action. With all devices and services in the ‘edge’ communicating with each other and back to the cloud, a deep well of data is available to artificial intelligence systems which can be embedded into the environment.

There were three key take aways from the keynote speech:

  1. There is a significant paradigm shift in IT environments towards an Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge model
  2. This shift is occurring more quickly than anyone had anticipated
  3. Microsoft is taking this change seriously, and has changed its global business models and product suite in response

Intelligent Cloud Intelligent Edge BrisbaneKey characteristics of Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge mean that future IT environments will consist of a variety of device types, artificial intelligence will be infused throughout, and there will be no need for traditional servers.

It is anticipated that the market shift towards Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge will be twice the size of the transition to mobility and cloud technology, and have almost 20 times the impact of the “PC revolution” of the 1980s.

The implications from this dramatic shift towards Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge are profound and will affect most businesses. At present, our corporate IT platforms are quite ‘dumb’. To get ahead and succeed in today’s digital economy, Australian businesses will need to undergo a rapid digital transformation to accommodate an Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge model.

Intelligent Edge, Intelligent Cloud computing will unleash greater levels of teamwork and creativity in the workforce, more intelligent integrated products and services, and an organisational response to global cyber threats which continue to emerge. It is clear that this paradigm shift from traditional networks and hybrid cloud solutions towards Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent edge is transformative. Every business from the largest global corporation to the smallest SMB will need to develop digital transformation strategies for their processes, business models and IT platforms to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in our changing digital economy.

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