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stage Queensland manager's conference.

A critical feature of the modern IT platform is cyber security. With new data breach notification legislation coming into effect, Veracity was delighted to be invited to address Stage Queensland delegates on cyber security at its annual Manager’s Conference at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Stage Queensland members are drawn from about twenty arts centres from across Queensland including QPAC, Townsville Civic Theatre and The Events Centre Caloundra.

In his presentation, Bill Owens, CEO Veracity defined Cyber Security, drew attention to the value of data which fuelled cyber-crime and identified the scale of the transnational cyber-crime industry. He also outlined some of the largest breaches to affect companies over the last five years such as ebay, Uber, Equifax and Facebook as well as some organisations closer to home including Red Cross Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Defence. He also provided an overview of the new mandatory data breach notification regulations which became law in February 2018.

These regulations apply to Commonwealth government agencies and private sector organisations who are subject to Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and have a turnover of over $3 million. An eligible data breach is one where access or disclosure of information is likely to result in serious harm to individuals whose personal information is involved in the breach.

Interestingly, some Stage Queensland member organisations are council run, so the new regulations do not apply to them as local councils or state government agencies are exempt from the new legislation.

The key takeaways from the talk were:

  • Cyber crime is a business reality.
  • Its scale is transnational and unprecedented.
  • Data is now a mandatory compliance obligation for many organisations which requires management and coordination.

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