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Never before have there been so many options to access learning via the internet.  With the plethora of choices can come confusion, where do you start?  What do you access next?  Are the materials consistent?  Those are some of the many questions learners face as they embark on their learning journey.  Thankfully there is a solution to these problems; curated content.

curated content

There are many options such as videos, tests, discussion groups and real-world scenario interactions.  It is the structuring of these items into a cohesive learning pathway that is curated content.

How do you get your learners started along this journey?

  • Define your target audience – Is there a specific group of employees you wish to focus on such as emerging leaders?
  • Ensure the journey is clear to the learner – Learners like to know where they are, how far they have come and what’s to come next. Clarity provides confidence.
  • Access anywhere, anytime, anyhow – We can access YouTube, Google, social media on our mobiles so why not learning? Making sure your learning offerings are mobile friendly provides more opportunities to learn when time permits.
  • Trusted provider – We can all post knowledge on the web, however whose teachings will you trust, Harvard or an unnamed source?

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