reinventing collaboration

The advent of readily available cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as cloud productivity eco-systems such as Office 365 and Google Apps has transformed the way modern businesses collaborate and do their everyday work every day.

Before the email-era, work in a corporate environment was very task-driven. There were strict procedures to follow and collaborating meant that everyone on a project would have a set task to complete on their own. It would be someone’s job toward the end of the project to stitch everything together. Fortunately, this way of working began to change once email was introduced.

With the power of email, drafts could be sent to project stakeholders in a matter of seconds. This removed geographical limitations on project collaboration, and made the work process faster as drafts and ideas could be shared with the project team via group email at the click of a button. However, with email-based collaboration each person still had a different version of a document to the rest of their team. What’s more, with multiple drafts being sent around by email it was easy to get confused about which version was the latest, and where you should be focusing your efforts. In environments where local file shares were used this problem was somewhat alleviated by storing the master copy on the file server, however only one person could work on this file at a time, and usually only from within the office.

Now in the cloud-era, collaboration in a work environment is fluid and ‘democratised’. There are no restrictions on when, where or how you work on a document. Cloud-based file storage enables simple sharing and lets everyone work on the same document anytime, anywhere. Communications tools such as Microsoft Teams (with its comprehensive SharePoint integration) let you discuss documents over video or chat, and review them from the one application. A well-structured cloud environment also makes documents easier to find which enables staff to use research, writing and ideas already generated by others in their own work, thus increasing efficiency.

Implementing cloud-based file storage and productivity in your business will reduce wasted time and re-work, improve the security and reliability of your IT platform and make life easier for you and your staff. At Veracity, building modern workplaces enabled by technology is our speciality. To learn how we can help your business implement a cloud-based productivity solution, contact our Brisbane based team on 1300 850 172 or email


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