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Veracity's Bill Owens meets Di Farmer MP and Shannon Fentiman MPIt was a privilege to catch up again with the Hon. Di Farmer MP, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women & Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence and Member for Bulimba and to meet the Hon. Shannon Fentiman MP, Minister for Employment & Small Business and Minister for Training & Skills Development and Member for Waterford.

Vocational education and training are central to both minister’s portfolios. Responding to a recent Queensland Family and Child Commission report, Minister Farmer committed to employing an additional 292 Child Safety staff over the next two years and to roll out learning and development to ensure Child Safety staff and services had a comprehensive understanding of the risks from domestic and family violence.

Additionally, vocational education and training are critical planks in Minister Fentiman’s commitment to creating jobs for Queenslanders and in supporting local businesses reach their full potential.

Veracity Technology plays its part in these endeavours. In partnership with Janison, Veracity designed, integrated and supports the Learning Management System (LMS) platform that several state government agencies, including the Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women, rely upon daily to deliver critical online learning and development across Queensland.

In supporting tens of thousands of state government online learners, we have discovered three critical things about online learning:

  1. An online learning platform is central to a modern workplace, large and small as it facilitates lifelong learning, the fuel of innovation, transformation and growth.
  2. While online learning platforms are generally implemented to deliver compliance commitments, their true value resides in developing workforce capabilities.
  3. Targeted, tightly curated content creates the value adding bridge between delivering compliance and developing

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