IT Security

IT Security

Veracity secures your corporate data

Veracity keeps your data safe 24x7x365.

Corporate data is safer in the cloud than on a server in the office in most situations.

Company data is more likely to be compromised because of lax organisation policies, processes and procedures than a data centre being hacked.

Veracity can help ensure your physical and IT security is up to par.

In assessing the confidentiality of data, we look at your physical environment to see if data room access is appropriately restricted with password controlled door locks and lockable rack doors.

We evaluate who in the organisation can access what data by reviewing logical controls over user names, passwords and access lists.

In considering data integrity, we gauge what controls are in place over anti-virus, data corruption and data cleansing as well as how anti-virus is managed.

We also assess data availability by looking at backup routines, testing and storage.

As your independent IT advisor, Veracity will recommend the most appropriate security policies, procedures, protocols and equipment to suit your IT platform.



Why partner with Veracity?

In the connected economy the technology platform is a value creator. Veracity builds technology platforms for connected businesses & communities.