IT Health Check

IT Health Check

Our IT Health Check helps you take control of your IT Platform

Veracity’s IT Health Check will tell you if your IT Platform needs attention, could be better or is under control.


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In the connected economy, decisions will be more data-driven than ever before.

Our IT Health Check takes the guesswork out of developing your IT Platform by providing considered, prioritised recommendations based on performance data collected from  your network over a discrete period of time.

Firstly, we gain access to your IT Platform and put tools on it to monitor performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These tools see all infrastructure and devices on your network and will report on performance shortfalls, risks and anomalies in real time.

This data is then validated against a physical assessment of your IT environment by a senior technician.

In some instances, we will interview key staff to understand any nuances particularly around network speed and access.

Once we have collected sufficient data, we analyse it thoroughly before compiling a comprehensive IT Health Check report that assesses your IT Platform in business terms.

At a minimum, the IT Health Check provides a register of all assets connected to the network.

More importantly, it gives you a baseline of the key strengths and weaknesses of your IT Platform.

Critically, the IT Health Check provides broadly costed recommendations that enable you to plan your IT investment in support of your core strategic objectives.


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In the connected economy the technology platform is a value creator. Veracity builds technology platforms for connected businesses & communities.