Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data is the new dollar in the connected economy

Veracity will work with you to create a business intelligent IT platform.

In the connected economy, leading businesses such as Amazon and LinkedIn invest in business intelligent platforms to understand their customers better than the competition.

Veracity designs cloud based IT platforms which enable application integration as a foundation.

Once the application layer is integrated, a Business Intelligent (BI) application can be overlaid to draw together transactional data from a variety of software application sources such as finance, marketing and CRM.

Broader social media data can then be mixed in to deliver insightful information and highly segmented profiles of precise customer groups.

This information can then be used for specifically targeted campaigns.

Veracity designs IT platforms independently so will develop the most appropriate BI solution for you based on your requirements and business priorities.

We maintain excellent relationships with a range of BI software vendors so are experienced in a broad array of BI application offerings.



Why partner with Veracity?

In the connected economy the technology platform is a value creator. Veracity builds technology platforms for connected businesses & communities.