Veracity and TACGC at precinct construction site

L-R: Criena Gehrke (CEO, The Arts Centre Gold Coast), Gordon Johnstone (Deputy Principal, Emmanuel College) , Susie Homan (Customer Service Director, G:Link) , Bill Owens (CEO, Veracity) , Anna Carroll (Director Cultural Precinct Project, The Arts Centre Gold Coast)

Veracity is proud to announce our official partnership with The Arts Centre Gold Coast as one of its support partners for 2017/18.

We provide IT support  for The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s network and devices. In addition to our 24×7 support services, we also provide the Arts Centre’s management team with strategic techTACGC Veracity partner pillarnology advice and consulting to assist with developing The Arts Centre Gold Coast as the Gold Coast’s premier Cultural Precinct.

We are proud to have our video ad on display in The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s cinemas, and honoured to have a position on the Partner Pillar.

For most of our customers we are partners, rather than vendors. We not only provide solutions, but pride ourselves in being trusted advisers, working with our clients to build profitable businesses on strong technology foundations.

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Why partner with Veracity?

In the connected economy the technology platform is a value creator. Veracity builds technology platforms for connected businesses & communities.