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We touched on Amazon’s imminent Aussie launch in December last year, and the time has finally come. Amazon Marketplace is here in Australia!

In the Technology world, Amazon is a cloud services market leader through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and devices such as the Alexa personal assistant. These high-tech products were made possible by the runaway success and profitability of Amazon Marketplace, which is a huge online ecommerce website available in major counties such as USA, Canada, UK, Japan and now Australia.

Amazon has in fact been in Australia for a number of years as an online book retailer, but it is the Marketplace where you can buy anything from paperclips to televisions that Australian’s have been waiting for. Small scale trials of the online marketplace began on Thursday 23rd November, with a wider launch in early Decemner.

Amazon Marketplace adds to the mix of ecommerce solutions already available in Australia. In Amazon’s absence a strong online shopping economy has developed in Australia, built by players such as eBay and Kogan as well as major ecommerce efforts by traditional retailers. Grocery giants Coles and Woolworths also have well established online click and collect services, that can overlap with Amazon’s offering.

Amazon dominates online retail markets in US and UK, however may not have the same immediate success here in Australia. Parallels can be drawn between Australia and Canada, where Amazon has been less successful due in part to less demand for online purchases and longer travel/delivery times between major metropolitan areas. It will be interesting to see how Amazon picks up market share, and localises its offering to serve the Australian market.

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