Kokoda challenge

Our senior eLearning developer Nat has decided to compete in this year’s Kokoda Challenge, which is a 96km (59.65 miles) cross-country team hike, with a time limit of 39 hours.

It is hailed as Australia’s toughest team endurance event and each team of 4 trek the course along fire trails, crossing 12 creeks and climbing summits of 5,000m of vertical elevation.

We don’t think he’s entirely sure what he’s gotten himself into!

Some History

For those of you that don’t know, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea is a significant part of Australia’s war history. The Battle of Kokoda was a 4 month struggle with the Japanese when they landed in Papua in World War II. The Kokoda Track stands as an icon for Australian participation in WWII just as Gallipoli serves the same purpose for WWI.

96km is the exact length of the Kokoda Track in PNG.

The time limit of 39 hours stands in honour of the 39th Militia, who were the first Australian force to engage with the Japanese in PNG in WWII.


Nat has a target of $400 so any little bit will certainly help, but what are you donating to?

All money raised will go to the Kokoda Youth Foundation and will enable them to continue their work with Australian youth and communities.

Donations can be made directly via the website: www.kokodachallenge.com/donate-online

Select the following to donate to Nat and his team:

Event: Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

Team: Vicious and Delicious


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