Veracity Technology is committed to designing and building IT platforms that transform businesses and create modern workplaces. We are also committed to keeping our client’s data secure.

Data security is extremely important in today’s economy. A breach in data security is not only damaging to your business from a customer privacy or intellectual property point of view; it can also have significant legal ramifications now that the new mandatory data breach notification laws are in place.

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At Veracity Technology we ensure our client’s data is secure by enforcing and policing account security policies, using and testing best-practice backup processes, and deploying high quality antivirus and antimalware tools. What we can’t do much about is protecting individuals’ personal data from being hacked and misused. The recent Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal shows that we all need to be vigilant about our personal data security and can’t always trust the big name companies to correctly deal with our data.

What happened to Facebook customer data? A data scientist at Cambridge University developed an app called ‘thisisyourdigitallife’ and provided it to the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica then arranged an ‘informed consent process’ for research in which several hundred thousand Facebook users would agree to complete a survey. However, Facebook’s design allowed the app to not only collect the personal information of people who agreed to take the survey, but also the personal information of all of those people’s friends. This is how Cambridge Analytica got the data for millions of users, and how your data may have gotten into their hands despite you never coming into contact with the app in question.

Visiting this Facebook Help Centre page will tell you whether you or a friend were affected by this breach.

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